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120m/min Micro-duct Line Exported to European Market

Author: Hits:304 Date:2022-03-08

New Technology -120m/min Microduct Production Line 

High speed micro-duct Production Line.jpg

In Feb., 2022,  a new microduct production line has been succefully tested and deliveried to the European Customer.  The production line speed is up to 120m/min for 7/3.5mm micro-duct.

In this new line, a automatic pipe coiling system is developed, which can cut the pipe and change to the new coil automatically.  This technology has solved the problem of pipe coil changing at high production speed.

And 120m/min microduct line is also China leading technology.

Since first high speed microduct line was made in 2015. KAIDE are keeping upgrading the technologies on this telecom duct and bundle production lines; Production speed has been developed from 60m/min, to 80m/min, then 120m/min.

If you are in the field of telecommunciation cables, and those microduct and duct bundle business, your inquiry is warmly welcome.

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