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Oxygen Barrier Pipe Machine Tested Before Delivery

Author: Hits:210 Date:2022-04-16

Oxygen Barrier Pipe Extrusion Machine Tested Befor Delivery

One more EVOH oxygen barrier pipe extrusion line is tested in April 15, 2022. This line is used to produce five layer PB/EVOH oxygen barrier pipes.

PB pipe is short of Polybutylene pipe.  Polybutylene pipe is ideal for most domestic hot and cold water plumbing and heating systems, offering exceptional durability and long term performance. One of the key advantages is that it has natural flexibility, so you can bend th epipe to fit even the most awkward positions.

polybutylene pipe.jpg

The production speed for KAIDE'S oxygen barrier pipe production line can be up to 60m/min with a fully automatic pipe coiling system.  In following months, several high speed PERT/EVOH pipe production line will be exported to European Market.

KAIDE has the most advanced technology and plenty of practical experirence for those three layer and five layer EVOH oxygen barrier pipe extrusion machines. 

pex oxygen barrier pipe making machine.jpg

Contact us right now to get more details, to see KAIDE can make such high speed EVOH oxygen barrier pipe extursion line, speed 60m/min.

To belive what you have seen!

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