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60m/min PERT EVOH Barrier Pipe Line With Auto Coiler Tested

Author: Hits:113 Date:2022-05-21

60m/min Five Layer PERT/EVOH Barrier Pipe Line With Auto Coiler Tested

On May 18,2020, the pipe production line for five layer PERT/EVOH oxygen barrier pipe making is tested. The production line speed is up to 60m/min, with a fully auto Coiler.

This line is exported to European market.

fiver layer PERT barrier pipe making machine.jpg

Five numbers of extruder are equipped, driven by SIMENS motor and German FLENDER gear reducer. Special design coextrusion die head is KAIDE's core technology, with even thickness distribution and each layer thickness can be adjusted freely.

Fully auto coiler is also equipped to make high speed production requirement.  The coiler can achieve automatical pipe cutting, new coil changing, PP strapping and unloading.

And a pipe accumulator is used to storage the pipe while changing new coil, preventing pipe gathered on the floor and also works as a tenstion controller to automatically adjust the winding speed to match with line speed.

PERT pipe machine.png

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