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Never heard of floor heating pipes? Come on, you are out!

Author: Hits:1030 Date:2020-08-31

What is Oxygen-barrier pipes?

Nowadays home decoration, many customers will choose to equip Oxygen-barrier floor heating pipes

in their new house.

Floor heating system is much advanced in uniform heat dissipation and home design field.

But many friends haven’t heard of the Oxygen-barrier floor heating pipes till now.

So here, wed like to share some basic application and advantages of this EVOH(Oxygen-barrier)


Why we need Oxygen-barrier pipes?

We should talk from the harmful of floor heating system by oxygen.

Its well known that the aging of the plastic and metal is the result of various effect such as light,

photothermal, oxygen, fatigued etc.

As far as concerning the light, the life of plastics will be extened 10-20 years; without oxygen, the life

of plastics and metals will be extended by 10-20 years.  If theres a large amount of oxygen in the hot

water flowing in the heating line, metal product such as boiler, valve, heat exchangers will gradually

be oxidized.

Server corrission will occur and the heat transfer effiency will be gradually decreased.

When oxygen enters into water system, it breeds microorganisms. And the microorganisms life is

week and dying fast.

More and more microbial corpses will turn into biological slime.

The formation of this substance will form a thermal insulation layer in the tube, so that heat cannot

be emitted,

so that the indoor heat load is reduced and the temperature is not increased.

Second: more and more biological slime is formed. Finally the pipe is blocked and no heating result.

When the hot water temperature up than 40 °c, it will also accelerate the thermal

oxygen aging of the pipe due to the penetration of oxygen into the plastic pipe body because of

the high temperature.

How is oxygen-barrier(EVOH) pipe so popular in the global market?

Due to the several advantages of EVOH-PERT/PEX pipes.

In Europe, a large number of oxygen-barrier pipes are used in hot-water systems(heating,

air-conditioning, floor-heating etc).

In floor-heating field, America, Europe and Australia are mandtory required to use

oxygen-impermeable heating plastic pipes.

It can block the penetration of oxygen into the piping system.

Thereby preventing the metal parts from corroding and rusting.

Greatly extending the service life of metal parts, such as metal valves, switches, boilers

and manifolds in the heating system.

At the same time, bacteria which lying on oxygen can not breed.

While protecting the pipes, it increases the life of wall-hung boiler heating system.

Which kind of Oxygen-barrier pipes are better?

Floor heating pipes have 3 layers or 5 layers structure. Normally, 5 layers oxygen-barrier

effects are better than 3 layers,

and more reliable.

The 5 layers co-extruded oxygen-barrier pipes are connected with the fittings with only

the outest plastic layer,

which ensuring the safety of connection.

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